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Witches.live. Anna accused me of being a Nazi for showing support for my Ukrainian friends. 

Ok, looks like disqordia.space is one for the blocks too.

I just fucking know they aren't acting, or at least I hope not, like this around someone for having the Palestinian flag.. that how can one be a Hamas sympathiser, or be there caring about who hate our existence anyway right.. because there so isn't people like you and me among them, that for as long as Palestinian people face ethnic cleansing day after day.. queer Palestinians will forever be trapped.

Doing this, or showing agreement with someone doing this with people being in support for Ukraine, for Ukrainians, fuck you.

I originally decided to shout out your instance on my about Eris as a pleroma instance to consider. But I retract that. I can't keep people around that thinks, or can look past, implying someone is a Nazi for showing support to a country being invaded.

Even if a tiny fraction of Ukraine does have fascism, which I'm not going to speak for that.. but what definitely is so, it's not a scratch on the levels of facism that holds a strong presence across the rest of the continent.

Facism, nationalism can all fuck off. And so can the idea of borders, of states. But again, for as long as Ukrainians are fighting for their land, for as long as my Ukrainian friends are involved, for as long as those that are fooled by Putler's propaganda continue to be so, I will continue loudly showing support to the occupied.

Slava Ukrajini. Fuck you Russian Warship, and if you are not on Ukrainian peoples side in this, and are calling Ukraine a Nazi state, fuck you too.

Call France a Nazi state too while you're at it after that fucked up parliamentary election. Call everyone Nazis that would stand with France against being invaded again while you're at it. Because that is really helpful at all.

Fuck you.

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Witches.live. Anna accused me of being a Nazi for showing support for my Ukrainian friends. 

I just knew I'd be doing this. I hoped I was wrong and that she'd take responsibility.. which she has in one tiny way.. sort of, just hide the issue again by fixing the images.. not well.. update the instance?

I do not take kindly to people who run web facing software, and let it get so out of date. I'd say I was more than as nice as any other person would be, when it comes to someone's inaction that puts at risk everyone all because you won't update, haven't updated for over two and half years.

Life happens, and running a website, running a server, running a community is not for everyone AT ALL. I don't blame Anna one bit about falling out of love with the fediverse and wanting to do things like maintaining. Hosting simply is not for everyone and the tiniest of tasks can be big tasks for one's brain to be able to take.

I should know. My ADHD and Autistic ass is a fucking gold medalist in that sort of thing.

And it's why I refuse to run my blog and site and all on Wordpress or any sort of CMS or use any sort of coding frameworks/plugins that all need updating for the sake of security. When I want to be able to leave my site and everything for a xouple years and things still be alright.

Running my own server setup instead of just shared hosting kind of goes against that, but it takes me hardly any time at all to just SSH in on my phone using Juice SSH, and just run apt to update/upgrade/autopurge frequently and all. And anything that does pop up now and again, isn't a common thing, so it's so easy.

Mastodon wise, that goes against that even more, that especially with that I've customised things.. an update could break that. But I've made it easy to be able to put things how I want it. Have a copy of your views haml files and everything, with only the edits you've made and all in a way you can understand where they go to quickly copy back over and rebuild if something with an update overwrites.

But still, it's easy saying that when I fucking am loving Mastodon, that it's literally a nicer place than Twitter, though be it with a fucking messed up wild west out there if you don't block it. Maybe that enthusiasm won't be the same for me either after four years or so that witches.live has been around that Anna has ran it for.

But.. maybe life does hit and something becomes a few months delayed from updating rather than within the week or so.

But beyond six months.. if I was that out of the loop that updating is that much of a chore for me, there'd be no chance I'd be keeping it live.

But a release that's two years, 8 months old, and then having this right go at someone for pleading for you to take responsibility.. this is out right appalling.

Again, life happens, and hosting isn't for everyone. But if you are hosting things, keep things updated. YOU are not the only person that is at risk of being impacted by your lack of action.. and 2000+ accounts, with 500 active users.. it is indefensible.

Client side javascript libraries such as jQuery getting out of date with known XSS vulnerabilities always being the case. SQL injection, or well Mastodon doesn't use MySQL but the point still stands with anything that communicates with a database.

Outdated website software is a possible risk to those logging in, the server itself, to visitors, to other sites and servers and people that have never set foot on your site etc because of how outdated software can enable your site to be used as an attacker to others.

HOSTING is not something to take lightly. And if you cannot deal with keeping things at least reasonably up to date, through good and bad, hosting at least things that need updating is not for you.

Keep to running a simple personal site or something on a shared provider that keeps the server and everything itself updated for you, which can mean you may literally have absolutely nothing needed to update yourself at all if you don't depend on things that need updates to not become a security risk all the damn time.. cough jQuery, cough.

I don't blame you one bit in regards to your feelings and everything that's the reasoning behind this.

But please, TAKE IT DOWN if you aren't going to update. And prolonging updates is exactly what causes things to be a bigger deal.

But well you know what, enough now said about that part.

Onto this, how you responded. As per my response, this is so fucked up this.

I actually expected it that you'd down play the big deal that is letting this get so outdated. But i did not expect you to latch on implying I'm a Nazi because you've been listening to too much Russian propaganda.

I'll continue to show support for my Ukrainian friends. And fuck you that you're obviously saying this shit too right into Ukrainian people's faces.

Nationalism can fuck itself, but this, this is fucked up.

So I'm sorry to everyone on witches.live, but this I cannot not block for.

Right, after ages spent with this, which there's some missing as they're hidden too good, but basically all the big players I've got the ip of so added to the firewall.

Here's the IP block list csv:

And again, the other two csv files:

The domain block list export from my instance:

And the same block list, but in the CSV format expected for importing as domain blocks as a regular user:

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If you need to know someone's age in order for the thing you're saying to not land you into possible legal trouble.. that said thing is not something you should at all be saying to someone who hasn't given permission, such as a random person online.

And regardless, especially when you're a middle aged man, calling people much younger than you babe, you're the reason women don't feel safe a lot of the time around men.

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Just a note folks. It is not cool if you're a 40+yo calling random people babe, who ask you not to, and you still do, and that even more so are for all you know, half your age.

It's fucking predatory.

When someone asks you to not use said terminology with them, please don't express your annoyance at that person for being so demanding. It's not cool.

Just have respect and don't drag on. It's annoying to you, it's annoying to that person.

@feditips yup, Tusky supports this :D

So many things are, undeniably, exactly what they seem.

If said thing isn't what it seems, often the very fact said thing came across like such, is the very problem itself that is maybe impossible to get past.

But wow, yea this was a big damn lesson that some things are so much more complex and not that simple.

As per my Twitter,

IT'S FUCKING Kiwifarms. The OP in question who posted said evidence, that's from when this person was putting on an act in the midst of a sting.. the fucking OP is "non-touch" zoophile. So everything they said gets thrown out the window and taken with a grain of salt, and absolutely definitely from KiwiFarms.

FUCK Kiwifarms are fucking effective 😬

I'm livid and disappointed still yes, that I found this out LIKE THIS. But I'm not disappointed or livid at the psrson who literally legally can only say so much.


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Ok folks, predators cannot be reformed, and dating said predator you know was a predator, even if in your view they had reformed.. is fucking not OKAY.

You need to remove yourself from my social circle if you think anything different to that.

Hey @Gargron, I'm loving Mastodon, but features I'd really love to see being introduced for improved usability and safety, especially important for the more the fediverse scales up:


1) Let users be able to mute or block entire instances.

The current mute functionality acts more as a block denying engagement if you simply just want to to curate your federated timeline removing instances that post mainly in a language you don't speak.. but still be able to engage with users by them still being able to follow you and you be able to see notifications from them.. if you specify to not have notifications hidden, like how you can with muting individual users.


2) As an instance admin, let us have the option to able to silence instances but not hide notifications.

Again, same as above, this would enable content curation. Though I'd personally prefer the above over this if we had to choose between, as I'd prefer users have that control.


3) Suspending remote users, they get lost in the list of all federated suspensions by other instances of said users.

Seeing what individual remote users you've suspended from your instance for whatever reasoning, they're buried among all the 100s of suspensions that get federated through by other instances suspending their local users.

It would be nice to have a filter for that list to only show the remote users your server has suspended, not others.


4a) Import/Export functionality for the user suspensions like domain blocking.

With the above filter implemented, add an export and import option so they can be passed as a blocklist for others to import on their instances or for users to import as user blocks. This would complete things a lot more than simply having this for domain blocking.


4b) With the above in place, we could have something like Block Together, in the form of basically relays for blocks using these exports that instances and users can subscribe to.

Mastodon and other fediverse software would of course have to add that functionality to be able to have instances and users alike be able to subscribe to these blocklists, in the same kind of way as relays. But it definitely could be really good and save users having to go into their settings and manually import said lists, which don't auto update, so just more user friendly.


5) Expand on push notification options beyond just notification type.

I do want to be notified when I'm mentioned, and as an admin I definitely actually do want to always be notified so I can immediately know when shit is going down and I need to block some bad actors.

But generally on social media, I only want to have a push notification from users I follow, or that I follow and that follow me. I don't want to mute everyone else, but I simply just don't want them in my oush notifications.

Add options so we can for each notification type choose between everyone, those we follow, those we follow and that follow us, and/or from the local instance, or off entirely.


6) Let users hide replies from their own posts.

You as a user block someone because they're an ass who's being toxic in your replies on your own post/thread. You won't any longer see their replies. But other users who don't have them blocked will still see their toxicity in your post's replies.

Add the functionality for users to be able to hide said replies from their posts besides just block. As then that toxicity isn't going to be displayed, which then is only going to be seen coming across said reply via other means.


The fediverse is great, and Mastodon is great. Having tools that's simply impossible on other platforms such as blocking entire instances, possibly blocking 100s or 1000s in one go.. it can make the difference between dealing with harassment for a few weeks.. or maybe not even more than a day.

But we definitely really need the 5th and 6th functionality most of all to ensure a safe space is able to stay possible the more the fediverse scales up. But the other things have importance too for an improved experience for those that do want to engage in using said functionality.

Ads like this is why i refuse to access YouTube via official apps or websites. Promoting the dailywire which is an extremely conservative transphobic "news" and commentary outlet.

YouTube and It's content can just die in a fire at this rate.

If you didn't know, the small i you can't even see is how you report ads.

@Comrade_Tomato @kimbustion

Cookie really does not get it what they're doing there. 🙃

Damn I was right to mute Cookie a while back as I started getting a bad vibe from them.

But for god's sake, I didn't expect this, downplaying someone else speaking about something as it's useless complaining, that it won't solve the issue.. ugh, yea that's sure stating the obvious, because we're just little people.

But it's not useless.. not when many people are being simply forced ro watch ads, that don't have adblock available because Vanced is no more, every other app is a naff stripped down experience, though appealing to some, and adblocking literally doesn't work in the YouTube app.

Saying to just use ad blocking is just unrealistic considering majority of people, use the mobile app. As why setup at a desk or have a laptop on your lap generating heat and using more energy compared to a phone or a tablet which is just more convenient?

It's a lot nicer for folks to be alerted about hey this transphobic shit is making it's rounds on YouTube than being shoved it in their face unsuspected when maybe they're trying to relieve stress by watching their favourite content..

And just generally, leave people to complain about whatever they want to complain about on their own social media etc. Telling people not to, that it's useless to, doesn't solve anything.. yes it does solve something, them getting it out of them.. because talking about things is fucking better than having it sit in your head.

Do better Cookie. Fucking do better.

Coffee Gang, what would your ideal life be like to live? #CoffeeGang

Yoooooo, Coffee Gang what's good? I'm writing about... how to use this tool I'm working with. I feel slow today, so I'm starting out by "freewriting" my explanation. It has several features you can use, and I need to cover all of them. There's also a bunch I don't even know how to use, or what they're used for. #CoffeeGang

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