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I just got mentioned in a hell-thread created with the spam software that came out recently and is actively spamming.

Since it's an admin the instance URL is: "" if you don't want this sad birbs

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@stux How do I block a domain? I see one that I blocked a while ago but can't figure out how to block another

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@GivMeCoffee Under Moderation -> Federation :ablobwink:

Already did on here btw 💪

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@stux ooh ok so I don't have to do it for my own individual account, you just did it for the instance? makes sense, thanks!

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@GivMeCoffee @stux What you can do as a regular user though, on a user's profile of the instance you don't want to see, click to mute/block the domain instead of muting/blocking the user.

Also, on the web ui, in your account's import/export settings, you can import a CSV list of domains to mute. Everything domain I block, I'm always exporting the CSV and adding to a CSV that's expected for importing as domain blocks for regular users. is the list for that that you'd want to import by the settings.

Everything with reasoning for said blocks are listed on my instance's about page. Obviously check over before hand as you may not agree with everything that's blocked and all, but it is a fricken massive list that may make even an instance that blocks nothing kind of bearable.. though still entirely wouldn't suggest it ofc lol.

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@jase Thanks for the list. This one made me laugh...

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@GivMeCoffee @stux and the other two lists of mine available:
This is the CSV export from my federation settings page, so is the one expected for importing in the federation settings page as an instance admin.

And then:
Domain and associated IP(s) CSV, so one can block bad actors at a firewall level to enforce a two way hard block instead of what is otherwise basically a soft block, that their communication cannot come in, but your communication going out they still can receive.

So nice going to local clones of my profile on these bad actor instances and seeing it no longer receiving my posts anymore. :P

Obviously not perfect because IPs can still change, there's a bunch using dynamic dns making blocking at the firewall level impossible, and some have their IPs too well hidden and not exposed from behind Cloudflare's proxy, and an instabce that doesn't have them blocked that boosts your post makes them see your post. And then obviously they can still see in the browser on your instance. But still million times better.

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@GivMeCoffee @stux

Just an update with this:

Enabling AUTHORIZED_FETCH renders the IP blocking completely needless, and is just much more effective, so I've wiped all those IP blocks and that third list and just have that enabled now..

Authorized Fetch will cause federation to fail if an instance isn't authorised to federate with your instance, such as when your instance has blocked said instance.. therefore enforcing a hard block.

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@jase @GivMeCoffee True! But this causes also some trouble with other instances trying to connect :ablobwink:

I believe it was Pleroma and Misskey that can have issues when AUTHORIZED_FETCH is set to true so thats why I don't use it :blobcathearts:

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