My hands are itching while my job applications are out..

Ive dropped the FOSS Pinterest idea and moved on a bit..

I really wanna help out in the FOSS community and I have an idea this maybe sounds like a good project?

After some good advice I’m gonna go with ‘Goldfish’!

Thanks to

A nice learning project♥️👌🏻 Hopefully it can grow into something serious

@stux Hi stuxie
Could you boost this, as it has a serious impact of citizens of the world? ^^

@stux shortly? quickvids? idk. might think l8er

@[email protected]
- Binge Vids
- StixStux
- Only 1 Vid
- 2 Cats 1 Box
- MewTopia

@hypercube Tht's it! ⭐ im going with that!

it's puuurfect :blobcatgiggle:

when a goldfish swims around the bowl he also forgot everything again :blobcatgiggle:

@stux I was thinking Feasibits because feasible (easy to process) + bits (bits of video) but the pronounciation is weird

@[email protected] Crossloop? Cross as in cross-platform, cross-instance, loop since you often loop things on vine, etc?

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