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Thank you so much for your support! Every bit is appreciated very much❤️

@stux Between Ko-Fi and opencollective, which is better for you in terms of fees on a donation?

@nathan_wasson That would be Ko-Fi I think! :cat_hug_triangle: that one is without fees that im sure off :blobcatgiggle: not sure about OC though!

@stux Thanks for the reply! It looks like opencollective doesn't have fees either, since you're your own fiscal host, and I assume you don't charge yourself fees. :blobcatamused:

@stux I just donated some funds via PayPal (I am not sure what the dollar 💵 to euro 💶 exchange rate is).

I also sent an email to @Stuxhost tabout setting up a solo @pixelfed instance that mimics the permalink structure of your @stux@pixey.orginstance.

If setting up something similar is too much of a hassle, then no worries. Anyways, be blessed!

@darnell @Stuxhost @pixelfed aah thank you so much my friend! ❤️ :cat_hug_triangle: I saw it coming in indeed!

I have changed nothing about the URL structre btw 😮 But i have an idea why this is :blobcatgiggle:

When you are logged in on a certain instance, the user URL will always redirect to the 'internal user URL'. When you check a user on for example itll stay the 'public url' IF not logged in there ♥️

Both 'internal' and 'external' user URLs redirect to the same

@darnell @Stuxhost @pixelfed You got to test this btw, not 100% sure :blobcatgiggle: But i think it should work this way-ish

@stux @Stuxhost @pixelfed Yeah, I just tested this while logged out. I feel like an idiot! 😂🤣😂

@darnell @Stuxhost @pixelfed Haha don't! ❤️

Masto has about the same thing! It uses 'external' pages for public timeline, profile etc aside from the /web

@stux @Stuxhost @pixelfed Oh okay! That is good to know! Well, that resolves that issue! 😂🤣😂

@stux @Stuxhost @pixelfed Ahhhh! That makes so much sense now! I was trying to figure out what geek magic you used to get the name to remain in the permalink (it was driving me crazy!).

@darnell :blobcatgiggle: no worries ❤️

There are currently a 'few' layout types in Pixelfed!

The oldskool one, all public stuff. The new SPA (new interface when logged in) and some in-between I think!

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