@AaronTheGuy Exactly! :blobcatgiggle:

And I wonder.. If ppl from China where to check from another instance it would use that instance's IP etc so it still would be "online" (i think!)

@stux hehe thanks

niu.moe is ofc blocked but raru.re seems still safe from this great firewall lol


This instance is now a major social media platform confirmed!


Oh wow, mstdn.social is now significant enough that they try to block it?


Got blocked for somebody posting about an event in Tiananmen Square that [DIDN'T HAPPEN] on the instance?

@stux oooooooooooo, am I blocked, am I blocked :blobcatbreadpeek:

@stux my life goal would be to be blocked by china

@stux Howlr, which federates with Mastodon, is not blocked in China.

@naia Nicee! .coffee also not :blobcatgiggle: ❤️

I see you have a very nice Pleroma instance! Can I maybe add it to our 'Random Pleroma' list? ❤️

@naia yaay, thank you! ❤️ it's kinda uh.. 'hard' to find nice Pleroma instances with decent policies :catblush:

@naia Done! ❤️ Do you also want on the random user list? :blobcatgiggle:

@stux No problem. I am trying to maintain a decent instance, not one of those alt-right pleromas.

@naia @stux though Stux, one thing that is a bit not that nice with that random list, the fact the first page you stumble on with them is the known network.. which is not quite a nice thing considering many pleroma instances are much more relaxed on blocking, so you have many of the alt right instances shown in the known network.

@jase @stux It's kinda funny if you think about it, Pleroma's MRF functionality makes blocking a lot more flexible, so you think it would be used by people for curation.

@jase @naia Correct! 😮 Personally I think /public should be default and not the global :blobcatgiggle:

But I can edit the links! :blobcatgiggle:

@stux @jase I agree that /public should be the default, just for content curation reasons. A lot of our members don't want to see random irrelevant posts in non-western languages (no offense to int users, we just have mostly English speaking users)

@naia @jase Exactly! ❤️

You can change this from Pleroma amdin backend btw :blobcatgiggle: (one of the first things i did when testing)

@naia @jase Thats one big major plus about Pleroma.. All those options in the admin panel 🤤 💭 aahhw wow

and FE is also very flexible

@stux @naia please, as while for myself, the known network is the first place I'm going to look before joining an instance to see if it federates with those alt right instances that no one in their right mind wouldn't see as anything but neo-nazis that are constantly going around harassing.. like eveningzoo for one, which I definitely recommend putting on your blocks, same also with anonymous-japan's instances, two that were invved in the harassment to me last week that came from obviously being shouted out on mstdn.jp and their alt instance mastodon.cloud.

But yup, still, the known network just is not a good look for the link to redirect to, as folks will only lose comfort in you with something of yours leading folks to be exposed to that stuff. So yea definitely edit how the link is lol

@naia @stux I have all my instances I've blocked viewable on toots.hwl.li/about/more :)

Besides those posting or interacting with illegal shit which have obfuscated.. mstdn.jp being one of such instances along with their alt mastodon.cloud due to illegal content.

@naia @stux damn 330 blocks that all is. 😂 Gosh I do love how I have this power given to me.

As if you could only block individual users, I know for sure that I'd of had those neo-nazis for a few weeks in my mentions, like beginning of last year when I had the [email protected] neo-nazi group target me for a few weeks on Twitter and Instagram 🙃

(Censored that name I ain't interested in bringing them here 🙃)

@jase @stux You can block individual users on Pleroma. You can remote deactivate, which is the same thing.

@naia @stux yea, I meant as in.. if you could only do that.. which is so good you can just tske out possibly 100s-1000s of bad actors in one single swoop by blocking the instance.

Just so cannot say the same for other socials lol. Really is able to make the difference between dealing with abuse for a few weeks compared to a day or so.

@jase @naia But the thing is.. I do want to handle a somewhat strick guideline since mstdn should be safe for everyone and also at work etc..!

But on the other hand, we do have quite a large userbase and i wouldn't be fair for them and for the Fedi to cut it off, neither do we want that :blobcatgiggle:

We have good teams of moderators/admins on all instances that very much agree on the rules and how we should handle them :blobcathighfive:

@jase @naia That's maybe one thing I like about a social media platform, it keeps evolving every single day!

Ofc there are the bad parts but it doesn't outweigh the gooood! Not by a long shot, and this keeps me good busy :blobcatgiggle:

@stux @jase @naia I love this platform!! If it wasn't for Stux it be weird lol but love you bro thanks for always being so nice and reaching out to me 😍

@coffeegang Very much welcome! ❤️ But I gotta thank you for using it and keeping it nice :blobcathearts: I just do the server updates and such :blobfoxnerd:
@jase @naia

Howlr is proof Pleroma can be used for good hehehe
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