@stux it would be cool if it had the print on the inside and bottom of the cup

@thendrix @stux yes and no. This mug is from redbubble but i can't sell there because paypal. There are however less cool merch on spreadshirt tho https://ebin-shop.myspreadshop.fi/ (for now non-profit just to test the waters)
@hj @stux Two questions: Does this fund your vihta or alcohol habit? Do you have American shipping and sizes?
@thendrix @stux it doesn't fund anything right now - as i said everything is non-profit (zero margin) right now, but i might change it later. In any cases all donations and potential sales fund my well-being and hobbies in general - i don't really have budgets tbh, i'm not good at bussy-ness
@thendrix @stux as for delivery - whatever spreadshirt supports, so idk, i guess they do ship to 'murica?

@zeitverschreib When i boost stuff with @[email protected] sometimes sm0ller servers really don't like that :catblush:

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