@hbenjamin It's Soapbox but a certain commit that has this layout

@stux Oh that's nice ! What is it ? I want that interface too !

@marsupialgutz yeah seem i broke it :blobcatgiggle:

beta.mstdn.social still works!

@stux oh whaa 😮

Is that a cool new frontend or am I just not recognising the usual theme? 😅

@badri its a FE for Pleroma but i tried it on Masto haha

@stux ooh! I've toyed with the idea of setting up a Pleroma because it's known to be more lightweight, but never much cared for the interface. I suppose this changes things!

One day it will happen then 💭

@stux I'm 100% convinced that using #Mastodon would be even more enjoyable (than it already is) with that awesome design! The default design isn't particularly bad but a bit boring to be honest.

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