For those who missed it last night, yesterday evening I've setup an extra little #Mastodon instance :blobfoxcofe:

It's so sm0ll it only costs me ~4 euros per month so yay! Also I made preps for scaling so it can stand some traffic and unlimited media upload!

I think it's a good idea to keep it English only maybe.. i would love some input :coffeepot: Maybe check with @gvenk. I know he had some issues to get his password recovered from this server ;-)

@frankmeeuwsen @gvenk I'm gonna check it out! :blobcatgiggle:

Tested mail quickly last night and it seemed to work Ik think it's an new installation? Mine was an old account but I think it doesn't exist anymore, but it still pops up when you do a search on one of the other mastodon instances...but because it doesn't exist, the password reset mail doesn't get send... @frankmeeuwsen


@gvenk @frankmeeuwsen Hm.. That is weird indeed! Correct! Currently 2 days old now so all accounts should be from 2 may or later! The account still can be found, think it's a distributed thing....Maybe the instances remember it, because some people are following it? @frankmeeuwsen

@gvenk @frankmeeuwsen Hmm.. perhaps a remote refresh from the remote instance should fix that 😮

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