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I'm just gonna copy the same pages etc, doesn't make sense to create new ones lol!

If you would like to support this instance you can do so with the following links:


Are you having your coffee with:

I'm kinda late to the party, but here you go: Have this large cup of caffeinated beverage! :coffee_swirl:

How come so many people use to like and watch the TV show "Friends"? :mastolaughing: I soooo dislike the whole thing! I mean how can you watch an actor like David Schwimmer playing "Ross".. it's soooo bad! lol!

Today's is a blueberry walnut vanilla 😛😛😛

Idk what I'm doing w/ this

Attempting to make Mastodon look a little nicer (definitely didn't steal those lines besides the timeline from misskey, nooooooo)

cofe levels are holding at 100%

(100%) ■■■■■■■■■■

My self made a thing I’m proud of:

Next step: my start page using some of what I learned doing this one.

coffee stuff inside 

second brew of the day, let’s go! :blobcatcoffee:

Help! Coffee cup is empty, but floofy kitty is on my lap! What do I do??

Good morning, Coffee people.
Everybody doing well?

:nkoWave: Hello and a good meowing everyone! :cat_hug_triangle: Have a good day and stay safe! 🦺 :cathug:

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