So I sprained my ankle after a long day of moving, went to the ER and have been on crutches.

My partner was down with covid though I'm feeling fine in that regard... for now.

What a fun long weekend.

Footages of Shanghai lockdown 

Speakers taped to robot dogs and throat swabbing robotic arms wtf
This is more cyberpunk than movies

Via @Jiangzibi

Cape May Warbler

Small warbler with sharp bill that is very slightly downcurved. Plumages variable. Bright adult males are yellow below with black streaks, orange cheek patch, and white patch on wing. Dullest immature females are entirely gray with indistinct streaking below, usually with a hint of paler neck sides and greenish edges to wing feathers. Breeds in boreal forest of far northern U.S. and Canada. Winters in the Caribbean and Central America. Even in migration, shows a heavy preference for spruce trees.


Dogs are underrepresented on this timeline so...
Cute random dogs I encountered on a walk

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