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This wouldn't normally be a big issue, but I like to proxy some sites instead of visiting them directly (for privacy) and visiting the link defeats the purpose of doing that somewhat.

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"I tried so hard and got so far."

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I sigh a lot... There are so many "little annoyances" in life that... suck... but in the end, it doesn't really matter that much, so you just sigh and get on with it.

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There's hell in hello.
There's end in friend.
There's lie in believe.
There's over in lover.
There's good in goodbye.
There's fun in funeral.
There's ex in sex.
There's art in fart.
There's dying in studying.
There's laughter in slaughter.
There's pain in Spain.
There's meow in homeowner.
There's man in woman.
There's me in men.
There's ha in handsome.
There's Erica in America.
There's me in mean.
There's me in disappointment.
There's son in arson.
There's us in trust.
There's semen in basement.
There's cute in execute.
There's win in Windows.
There's a lock in the clock.
There's a mark in Denmark.
There's a way in Norway.
There's a den in Sweden.
There's nothing in.
There's anger in stranger.
There's cat in catcher.
There's disco in disconnect.
There's eat in death.
There's bi in bible.
There's sus in Jesus.
There's us in sus.
There's ew in new.
There's own in download.
There's dust in Dustin.
There's leg in lego.
There's hit in shit.
There's @oh in Pooh.
There's Tux in @stux.
There's @no in snow.
There's Ellie in @nellie.
There's ja in @jasja. ... Jajaja.
There's a bra on zebra.
There's ants in pants.
There's um in cucumber.
There's an itch in Mitch.
There's all in small.
There's a pp in happy.
There's an ass in bass.
There's moo jumping over the moon
There's a kill in skill.
There's a pan in Japan.
There's me in your home.

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please reply with articles or tools (vpn, adblockers, etc) about protecting privacy online

include both pc/iOS/Linux and mobile resources

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Spam-bot Fedi admin.. 

@GivMeCoffee @stux What you can do as a regular user though, on a user's profile of the instance you don't want to see, click to mute/block the domain instead of muting/blocking the user.

Also, on the web ui, in your account's import/export settings, you can import a CSV list of domains to mute. Everything domain I block, I'm always exporting the CSV and adding to a CSV that's expected for importing as domain blocks for regular users.

hwl.li/toots/blocks2 is the list for that that you'd want to import by the settings.

Everything with reasoning for said blocks are listed on my instance's about page. Obviously check over before hand as you may not agree with everything that's blocked and all, but it is a fricken massive list that may make even an instance that blocks nothing kind of bearable.. though still entirely wouldn't suggest it ofc lol.

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Does it ever get to you? The intensity of it all?

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@eve omg, I was waiting for the right time to reply and I didn’t want to interrupt any of you or I will ruin the exchange.
You guys ended this thread so well. I have a beautiful lovely rose for the 4 of you to share. I heart the 4 of you equally until the end. 💗🌈🥰

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@cass in my room close to my window where I can see mother nature’s lovelies

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@eve Would a leaf be easier, since it's a simpler shape?

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