Do you guys use "federated timeline"? Comment why?

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@nixofox Igo through my home feed first, then local, but I usually end up cruising the federated feed before I’m done scrolling. I often spot interesting accounts there, new folks & bots to follow.

@nixofox I use neither the local nor the federated timeline, since both are bloated with posts about topics that I'm simply not interested in.

@nixofox No, because my instance's only other German/English speaking user is the admin, whose follows overlap significantly with mine. So I get basically the home timeline on federated.

Back on, I used the fed timeline more often.

@nixofox because Im in a single user instance and its lonely
@nixofox I use the "known network" timeline on pleroma. I don't think it pulls much data compared to mastodon. It seems like it's made up of interactions of people you follow, so it still tends to relevant to what you're interested in. It does the job of the big network's algorithms but without dodgy data exploitation.

@nixofox To see posts from people I don’t follow. It’s like walking down a street I haven’t used yet or going to a new part of town.

@nixofox Sometimes when I'm bored, I'll look at the federated timeline. I've found some interesting people to follow there.

@nixofox I prefer opting out of what I'm not interested in (filtering, muting) rather than opting into (following) what I am interested in.

The latter leaves little room to discover new things...

@nixofox No, because it's full of bots and hyperactive Germans during day and hyperactive Americans during evening... jk...just too many posts that I don't want to keep eye on AND bots

@nixofox It's the only kind of discoverability there is on here. Once I'd followed a couple people, I could find other like-minded people by following the ones they interact with, but I'm still hoping to find more tinkerers out there.

@nixofox As a Friendica I don't know what that is. Can haz link pls?

@nixofox typically I wind up scrolling the federated timeline if I'm particularly bored when I'm having a very unbusy like day and all caught up on my follow feed. For some reason I tend to skip over local and go right to federated.

@nixofox Ah! Thank you. This server calls it "local community" and "global community", and until now I had more or less ignored that button.

@nixofox because I follow only few people and my Home timeline makes me sleepy at times. The Local timeline also isn't fast enough for my likings. The Federated timeline has the right scrolling speed once you've filtered the more than occasional unsolicited dick pics.

@nixofox I'm on a specialized instance (tabletop gaming), and sometimes I just want to drink from the firehose.

@nixofox rarely, though not never. I answered no, because most times I fire up Mastodon, I don't look at it.

@nixofox I used to use it... but I stopped because I would always see trolls on there. I prefer to only follow mutual accounts, if possible.

@nixofox I do use it a bit but I think it is more useful for an instance that shares a common interest of some sort. At this instance the content of that timeline is very random.

@nixofox Yes, but heavily filtered. I'm still lookng forinteresting people to follow, and the FedTL is one place to find them.

@nixofox I have more than enough to read just to keep up with people I already follow.
The global and local timelines are all mixed up and like drinking from a firehose.
I do know that both those things appeal to some people, just not me.

@nixofox Not really. We just don't need to look at a feed of random strangers much.

(Local, by contrast, ia a feed of adjacent strangers.)

@nixofox No. Since I came from *******, I use this a lot like I used that. Which is to say, I carefully pick and choose who to follow to turn my personal timeline into a beautiful garden of things that make me happy to read and look at.

@nixofox 1. occasionally, 2. boredom. Also, admittedly I see the "#instance" system as more of an end-run around economy of scale than a way to build communities within communities. I also see joining an instance as a means to the end of joining the Fediverse. I'll even cop to (a little) gratuitous use of #hashtags as a hail mary attempt at injecting at least a little semblance of global text-searchability into the #Fediverse.

@nixofox yes, because I'm the only user on my instance so my federated timeline is my way of seeing what's going on on other instances I'm connected with 😆

@[email protected] On Misskey it's called the "Global timeline", but yea, I use it. I love seeing new people!

@nixofox Nope. Way too much to keep track of and most of it doesn't interest me.

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