KDE trying to start a war between Portugal and Brazil

@nanda And this is why I use Gnome :gnome: 😀 Actually we are seeing a shift in the language, Portuguese people pick up Brazilian expressions pretty quickly, I caught my son saying ônibus the other day, so maybe you guys are winning, the opposite does not seem to happen, I work with a lot of Brazilians and it's like they are immune to "European Portuguese"

@astrisk oh I heard something about portuguese parents wanting to hang up Neto Brothers because of this kind of effect on kids.

I want to tell you that as a Brazilian myself, I full support it and will be pleased with whatever end you guys choose to the Neto Brothers.

@nanda There was something a few months ago yes, people were ready to pick up the pitchforks because "they" were killing our language 😀 it's particularly funny because the angry villagers are people that grew up watching Brazilian soap operas

@astrisk haha well brazilian soap operas have a really good acting and use of the language at least.

But please, pick up the pitchfork, dont let the distance change stop you from making they pay for whatever

@eletrotupi but it show some bias otherwise it would be "português americano" and "português europeu".

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