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Reasons to choose Mastodon.Coffee as your home instance:

- We love Coffee as much as you
- Seriously, we have coffee on our DNS
- The best rolling emojis :catroll:
- We care about your privacy
- Profile ceffefication :coffefied:
- No cryptobros
- Did I tell you about our relation with Coffee?
- A cat as admin, manager and overlord
- The best sailor scout working part-time as mod
- Not a single Elon Musk

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They put me in online meetings all day just to keep me away from MY COFFEE


Good morning, Coffee people.
Everybody doing well?

If you're looking for a small general Mastodon server to join, and you like coffee, you could try: β˜•

It's run by the same admin as, a nice person who has been doing this for years.

#MastoTips #Mastodon #FediTips #Coffee #Cofe

Yo! Just updated my custom CSS for Mastodon (at least mine on πŸ˜› ). Fixed the right bar. Did I break anything else? :)) Use will tell.

(English for the huge amount of followers outside of the Italian Fediverse :badabing:)

Got sick of the posts on by drive-by spambots, so testing out account redirection to

Mmmmm. Coffee.

Now... to retrieve my tiny archive and move that.

Tonight, rainbow colours shine brighter than hate!

Ahead of the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia, we lit up our headquarters as a sign of support for the LGBTIQ community.

#IDAHOBIT | #UnionOfEquality

i've decided to stop this multiverse madness of multiple masto accounts before it's too late. now my old account redirects here and this is officially my mastohome now. :blobcoffee:

So, this thing happened in my country recently:

For some reason the city hall maintenance team decided to ASPHALT THE INTERSECTION of a road with THE RAILWAY LINE

You don't like Coffee and prefer Tea?


But I got you covered:


I see a lot of love for my toot about our :AWESOME: instance, but what I don't see is these numbers actually moving.

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Mastodon == Twitter
Pleroma == Reddit
Misskey == 4chan

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Mastodon β˜•

A coffee-purpose, English speaking Mastodon server that runs on coffee.