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a polish word for "deadname" is "nekronim" (literally "necronym") and that sounds metal af imo

funny thing: i’m currently on the wait for 2 photography related beta tests and feel like this is what will motivate me to shoot and post more. in the meantime i have 3 film rolls to develop, some of them one year old, and yet i feel no urgency doing it. weird how motivation can work. :blobcat_thisisfine:

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a colleague told me about a coffee service they use and now i’m considering subscribing. it’s only a bit more expensive than a bag of beans i buy each month and it comes with a coffee machine. tempting to say the least.

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It´s coffee time.
(because it´s always coffee time)

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celebrity death, star trek 

RIP, Nichelle. 😢

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h e l l o! some small but happy Siddur Davar Ḥadash news! i am now at the point in my recovery where i can do a little bit of work on this project again, which means i can *finally* tackle all the typos that people have brought to my attention in the last ~3 months >:)

i am ~*pleased to announce*~ that there is now a spiffed-up version of Siddur Davar Ḥadash available! many little typos have been fixed! a line that was inadvertently omitted has been restored! some scansion has been improved! the house style is a little more consistent!

there are even a couple of changes here and there that are ~preparing the way~ for the full version that is ~coming down the line~ . . . . at some future point! wow! neato! We Love To Experience It

as always, for the current version, you can visit and find PDFs, the web version, the plain text version, and the source files. and if anything looks weird, please do e-mail me about it! i promise it usually doesn't take me three months to fix <3

it’s a bit of a late stream tonight so probably not very long. trying to beat god of war

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Taking care of myself doesn't mean 'me first.' It means 'me, too.” ~ L.R. Knost

a streaming invitation toot. tonight I’m finishing Stray.

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Would you rather prefer an early app beta release at the expense of some missing features like DMs and Stories or would you rather wait for a feature complete release?

Feedback and shares are greatly appreciated! #pixelfedApp

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oh, hey, i’m streaming this kitty game called Stray again.

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Proper consent 

Proper consent can look like
- "You can only fuck my pussy"
- "I'm not comfortable with any penetration right now but everything else is fine"
- "Anal only"
- "Only if you promise to only use your hands and toys"
- "I don't feel like being tied up tonight, but you can still do whatever else you want"
- "Ask every time you want to do something different"
- "This isn't going to work if I don't have full control over myself"
- "I don't want to be edged at all - we can take as long getting to orgasm as we'd like, but if I'm about to cum I just want to cum"
- "I don't feel comfortable taking off my bra today, but otherwise I'm all yours"
- "I only want to do [kink], nothing else"
- "Can we just cuddle naked? Nothing else..."
- "I am only comfortable with anal penetration with toys, but you can blindfold me and tie me up if you want, so long as my stockings stay on and you ask if I'm okay and give me headpats every once in a while"
and ofc
- "You can do whatever you like", but you need to reserve that for people you trust extremely well, and who already have a baseline for your general boundaries

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