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Next time someone tells me to stop drinking so much, I'll say

"It's either my liver, or me, your choice".

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Heartbreak? Negativity 

I would say that when it comes to my heart, it's a 1 strike, you're out type of situation

But I'm exceptionally good at breaking my own heart.. ironic

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Love is both a vulnerability and a weapon at the same time

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So many things going through my head, yet I can never find the right words to write down and let it out

Tootify or Mastospotify?


Making an app that toots your now playing from Spotify

Currently working on a prototype in Node.js, but want to write a power user friendly version in Golang

*wink* *wink* @catswhocode

Inspiration credit:

Personally, I like Totify more, even considered "TootMyFy", which is even funnier considering the reason why @Gargron decided to rebrand from toots 😁😁

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@millie yeah i hoped to have a thing like a {{bot}}, to mark them as script generated one

Mastodon needs a way to set specific Toots as *bot*

Setting the entire profile to bot is very often not accurate

For whatever reason(s), you may have a bot make automated posts for you, and you would want to identify such posts as such

I'm aware that you can see from what app the toot was sent from, but I think that a bot indicator for individual posts could be cool

How should one store OAuth2 tokens/codes?

I thought of storing them in a JSON file, but that doesn't sound very safe, though it works just fine


Backend app, runs a local server to deal with redirectURI

I don't want users to have to authorize the application every time, so I need to store the necessary tokens somewhere

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Horror story 

@thebiologist837 My wife and I had a nice date. And then she chewed my head off.

What is the yes/no bot tag for?

I've seen it in peoples profiles before but couldn't figure the purpose

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When you want to keep the best of both worlds, you often end up with neither.

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We need to abolish the empty 400 error

How am I meant to know what I did wrong, if you only say that.. I did it wrong, but won't elaborate?

Sometimes even life tries to fool you

a shirt I ordered online came with this in the back

Spotify authentication feels unnecessarily overcomplicated

Or it could be just me, having no experience in OAuth

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When you're looking for someone to love, and you fall in love with someone.. is it genuine?

I feel like.. when you really want something to happen, you in a way.. force yourself into it, taking any chance to fullfil your need, without considering it first

This toot isn't about me, but someone close to me.. I have formed my own "view" on it, but I'd love to hear what everyone else has to say

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@allenstenhaus Or you could ramble into the endless void that is the fediverse as a replacement for therapy - it's much cheaper~ /hj
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Dating apps are a scam

Everything that you could need, is behind a paywall

And more often than not, it's unlikely that the investment is worth it

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#Bitwarden has a vulnerability regression such that the master password and previously decrypted contents of an open vault can be inspected after locking the vault.

I've been doing some thinking, trying to find a solution to get myself to take better care of myself, and be happy

But no matter what, I foresee myself coming back ot the pit that is.. my head, empty, void and (lately) negative

The only difference, is that I keep letting go of everyone that wasn't a friend to begin with, ending up with me, myself and I

Which isn't bad. I prefer insanity over being played, but loneliness is one hell of a bitch

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