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something else I think says a lot about me is once at work we were testing the icebreaker question "what's the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?"

My answer: jolt up, look at the time, and swear
colleague: every morning
Me: yes, every morning

(I'm not a morning person)

I have been looking for a computer monitor to use at home and our electronics recycling/thrift store has in an '04-'08 era apple cinema display and.... should I get it???


they were handing out free samples of non-alcoholic kronenbourg blank in the park by my house today and it... isn't it.

It tastes... too sour and also, lacking in depth

ok so it is HOT (26c) in the sun today

I *think* I'm getting better at swimming... The YouTube videos for triathletes might have actually helped

I can't believe I've become someone who signs emails with "cheers"

I would rather phone customer service than do a live text chat... That's saying something

I was wondering why I couldn't hear the kettle heating up, and then realized I turned on the wrong burner and just heated up my apartment instead.


It might be raining but it's the solstice goddamn it so I got ice cream

Also I've never seen vegan green tea ice cream of any sort, let alone genmaicha ice cream. Also vegan vanilla - I will not stand for vanilla slander it is delicious

The question I cannot seem to answer is... How do I get my things over? If it's less than a moving truck or pod but more than will fit in my compact car??

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Only worked a half-day today so I'm telling myself I'll start getting ducks in a row for my move in two months

Hopefully if I start taking care of easy things like the bank and researching moving companies I won't leave everything to the last minute and be Stressed

Had first aid training all day today, and naloxone training on Tuesday, and I'm now feeling very full of information I just hope I can remember if there is an emergency...

2 minutes per day of Duolingo isn't exactly making me fluent in German

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I want to know* More Languages

*Well enough to get by and to read (e.g. news, nonfiction), but I don't want to have to do another 5 years of university class to get to that level...

I was going to do An Activity this evening but a work training went an hour late so instead I bought the missing ingredients to make dinner tomorrow

Why is it called five o'clock shadow if I already have it at 10 AM

Went to get takeout (yay Friday) and saw this goose and goslings crossing the street!!

(stay tuned for more posts on my quest to find leisure activities that I *enjoy*)

Just reconfirming that I have... Zero athletic ability

I also live all of one (very walk-able) kilometre from an indoor pool (with sauna and hot tub) so next time I feel like swimming one pool length I should just... go there and then sit in the hot tub...

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Finally made it into the pool and while the water was pretty nice, getting out of it into the (admittedly slight, but present) 19° breeze was Less Nice

But hopefully it is only getting warmer!

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