Mastodon Modern is a CSS style I've made that makes the platform look a lot better and nicer to use!

You can get it on:

If you're a user, you can install the to add it to any instance!

When installing the UserStyle, please make sure you're using the "Stylus" browser extension, NOT "Stylish"!

Stylus is a fork of Stylish before they added tracking, and is completely free to use.

Wonder if I can more instance admins to add this theme :blobfoxthinking:

@freeplay tried it out & got me inspired to remove the weird padding around the columns in my style too! In any case, it's a very good userstyle!

@twann @freeplay I don’t suppose it will fix my problem. When I click “delete” or “delete & redraft” the window shifts by a couple pixels and freezes without actually prompting for confirmation. I have to hit ESC to unfreeze it. Could a CSS change how popups are handled?

@dorian Nice! There's been some updates since last time so I would recommend updating :)

@tennoseremel This?

It's the same size as before. It should enlarge as you type, right?

@freeplay Yeah, I know. IMO, it should not be that way. But I meant that as a general comment.

@tennoseremel I've made a quick CSS snippet to do this, if you have Stylus you can just create a new style and paste it in:

.autosuggest-textarea label,
.autosuggest-textarea__textarea {
display: flex;
flex-direction: column;
flex-grow: 1 !important;

@freeplay Thanks so much for that very nice tip - I like the look of my feed a lot better now (and it actually fits the whole screen!)

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