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'Kay, a proper ()

I'm Flo (he/him), a of queer . I like , , , , etc. Mostly, I write slice-of-life fluff, with happy endings guaranteed.

(my main account is at @Flo but I caved to the pretty design)

Atm, I about 50 things at once—bc I have no self-control 😅 some of my (1st drafts only) can be read for free on sites like & , while others are exclusive~

nice to meet you!

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(new account, so new #introductions #introduction)

(I moved from Flo @, sure hope i did it right *sweat*)

Hi, I'm Flo (he/him), a #queer #author of mainly #lgbtqia #fiction.

I write primarily #sliceoflife #comedy & #gay #romance in a variety of settings, such as #apocalypse #scifi #fantasy #steampunk #horror etc. I'm currently working on about 50 projects at once, because I'm super smart and completely thought it through.

I like #writing #reading #drawing #art #gaming (fav is #hadesgame) #movies #books etc.

I'm also #studying #mandarin (simplified only) and that's going... great. absolutely great.

I like making bookcovers of my wips and sometimes i even show it off~

also, i am #agender #asexual #aromantic (thus #aroace) #disabled #actuallyautistic and a #demiguy

alt account at @floghost

You can find me on Patreon for my chaotic and 1000% queer writing:

i also have a wishlist (that's mostly full of books):

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instead of #writing i've just been shoving more books into my #wishlist 😅

but hey, if you wanna make my day... :blobcatpeek:

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this is a legit line in one of my outlines (it's a very undetailed outline, in contrast to a certain other one):

"Cue sexy times and unexpected feelings~ smooch, smooch~"

#writing #amwriting

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Boost this toot until we get :sticker_mastodon: banned in China (if we're not already)

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thinking of making a new account on here and then transferring my main acc to that (that's the .lol one) because... there are so many themes here and i want them all~

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(If you are a coward then walk no more,
and bury yourself in the sand.
If you are a warrior then pick up a sword,
and shatter yourself for the land.)

So can you hear the song on the wind?
So can you hear that questioning?
So can you see the cracks in the walls?
So can you see that lonely thought?

So do you know the wounds you bear,
do you know the things you fear?
So do you know the things you lost,
do you know the price for the happiness you bought?


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Can you hear it weeping on the wind?
Can you hear that whispering?
Can you see it dying in the light?
Can you see that beautiful blight?

Do you know the wounds you bear,
remember the pain you once shared?
Do you know the things you lost,
remember the pain that you caused?

Are you a shadow or a beast?
A reckoning or a shallow feast?
Are you victory or defeat?
Or are you a quiet, blinded sheep?


nooooooooo i forgot to take my meds today 😂

and that's 5 battles won in a row with not a single feather received :blobcattears:

i am Betrayed™

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*rolls up sleeves*

*splashes water on face*

*stares at the mirror's reflection*

*nods solemnly*

#campnanowrimo, here i come

4th day in a row i've faught lorsa for this and i *still* don't have the last feather i need :blobcattears: :blobcattears: :blobcattears:

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If you want someone to follow you on Mastodon or the rest of the Fediverse, you should give them your account's Fediverse address.

You can find your address on your account's profile page.

Fediverse addresses come in two parts:

@ (Your username) @ (Your server)

For example, the account I'm posting from is @ FediTips @ (but without the spaces).

By combining a username with the server's name like this, you get a unique address that no other account has.

You can follow an address by pasting it into the search box when you're logged into Mastodon etc. This will bring up the account's profile in search results, and you can follow it by clicking "follow".

The reason it's longer than addresses on centralised services like Twitter etc is centralised services run entirely on one site, so they don't need the second part of the address.

The reason it looks like an email address is because the Fediverse and Email are both decentralised and use a similar server-based model.

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BookWyrm is a federated open social reading platform, and is the Fediverse's alternative to Amazon's GoodReads.

There's more info about BookWyrm at and there's a list of servers you can join at

You can follow the project's account at @bookwyrm, and BookWyrm accounts can be followed from Mastodon etc, for example @mouse is the lead developer's BookWyrm account.

You can import your book data into BookWyrm from GoodReads, LibraryThing, StoryGraph, OpenLibrary and Calibre.

To import data, first export it from the other service as a CSV file, then log into your BookWyrm account, go to Settings > Import, select the type of data and then browse to the CSV file you had exported from the other service. Select the correct privacy setting, then click "import".

#BookWyrm #BookWyrmTips #WyrmTips #FediTips #Fediverse #GoodReads #LibraryThing #StoryGraph #OpenLibrary #Alternatives #Calibre #Books #Book #Library

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Man, that was such a trip. I wasn't planning on watching for all 5 minutes but I couldn't stop watching eventually. Also, I lost it when the Avengers came

the act of pretending to know what i'm doing is hampered by the fact that i know *just enough* about what i'm doing to also know that i am a fool

i am hubris incarnate other words, is weird

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