Bitcoin Magazine offers a 21-day tuition on cryptocurrency and lightning blockchain by e-mail as daily newsletter of three weeks and in the end those that'll answer the questions of the quiz will receive 2000 satoshis (best to save e-mails for later). Although they encourage to download the Carrot app, follow Carrot App's twitter profile to earn more satoshis, I can't guarantee the last two steps will work. is a website that offers more than wayback machine for the visitors. In fact, it's a website through which the Internet surfer can even watch movies, read books and download them and all this is completely legal.

This is a website, where users solve captchas and earn money. The amounts earned can either withdrawn or used in deposit in order to solve captchas on websites automatically, but for this a browser plug-in must be installed; click to join:

This forum has very good ideas, but I strongly recommend to stay away from gambling site recommendations and download of suspicious files: If you can spend a few hours on forum, a member can make two dollars a day though:


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