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It's time for me to get some sleep! :sleep: :stux: Good night my dear friends :cat_hug_triangle: :blobcathearts: ❤️ :mastodon: :fediverse: :blobcathug:

Are there any issues with signing up on on Pixelfed ? @dansup

Okay I'm going full in on @pixelfed and looking for friends to follow on here ??

Have I mentioned lately how much I enjoy Mastodon compared to Twitter?

Because it’s really great.

#3GoodThings @3goodthings
1. Great check-in with career coach. Feeling optimistic and not alone. 🧠
2. Hit my step goal by walking Molly to and from daycare. 🚶‍♀️ 🦮 We’ll just ignore that I haven’t done strength training this week.
3. Lots of good scratches for Zoe 🐶 She was clingy today and followed me everywhere around the house, so she got extra exercise today too 😂

Don’t give Twitter any more of your mindshare or content. Write long form on your blog where it truly belongs.

So... an die Arbeit ☕☕☕🙄☕☕☕

@stux sometimes I get jittery if I have more than 2 cups, so I'll have tea then

I have had wayyyy too much coffee this morning - or is there such a thing?

How child protective services are being weaponized against LGBTQ youth

In Texas, a 16-year-old trans boy was admitted to a psychiatric center after attempting suicide, on the same day that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced a directive that stipulated that providing certain gender-affirming care treatments to minors was child abuse.

We still have a lot of work to do.

May she Rest In Peace.

On May 13, 2022, Sasha was shot and killed in Zebulon, North Carolina. Sasha’s death is at least the 16th violent killing of a transgender or gender non-conforming person in 2022.

Police believe this attack was targeted and news reports indicate that Sasha knew the two suspects, but there is no indication from police on whether murder charges will be brought, according to PGH Lesbian Correspondents.

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