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Multiplatform application, currently available for linux, windows, macOS and android, which allows you to take notes in an intelligent way, you can record audio as you write, and listen to it again seeing what you have written for every second of the audio.

So like, people can draw and explain something while they talk and this app will record both in sync? That seems like an interesting concept...... 🤔

Cc: @thebiologist1117 @catswhocode

Yeah, its such a simple concept, but it can be very useful for taking notes and stuff! I don't know if I would need such an app at the moment, but its good to know something like this exists 🙂
@trom @thebiologist1117

@futureisfoss I did have a more old-fashioned tape recorder in college but sometimes the audio recordings wouldn't come out clearly, and I learn best with a combination of visual/audio and tactual learning. @trom @thebiologist1117

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