When you realize you have 5 screens in front of you, that you are stretching yourself thin, and that vacation time is long overdue.

Home, sweet home. How I missed my .
How have you been, coffee folks?

Met this lovely lady and her baby while visiting Pebbly Beach, in Australia. Say hello, everyone!

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I was wrong, you can find proper in Geneva after all, if you look hard enough. :cofe4:

Looks like in night life ends quite early.
It's a shame, because the city is very beautiful at night.
I really enjoyed these few days here.
The , however, is awful. :cofe4:

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Something a bit different today...

There's a really nice Fediverse admin on here called @stux who provides lots of free decentralised public services (public instances of Mastodon, PeerTube, Pixelfed, Matrix, Nitter, Invidious, Searx etc).

Stux is spending hundreds of euros a month so that these services remain free and operational.

Apparently Stux has had a tough time finding work recently, but has their own small business which provides web hosting.

If you're looking for a small indie hosting provider, this might be a really good choice as the money raised will help keep the Fedi going too:

➡️ stuxhost.com

(I'm sorry to embarass you Stux, but I think you deserve a shout-out for the good work you do!)

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Nataliia Prykhodko looks out from her burnt-out apartment in Irpin 💔
Irpin, once a flourishing town populated mainly by young families with little kids, now is a destroyed place full of unbelievable pain. Irpin, Bucha, Hostomel, and Borodianka were tortured by Russians. Was that the hatred of Ukrainian happy life and well-being or the way the invaders are used to exist?
📷 Photo: Marko Djurica, Reuters

Finished backing up my work laptop using the wonderful Borg Backup.

Borg is open source and cross platform, and makes fast, simple, compressed, deduplicated and encrypted backups.

I'm not associated with Borg, just a satisfied user.


I love these little coincidences:

"New Russian "McDonald's" logo is strikingly similar to the logo of a Portuguese animal feed company"


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