Good morning everyone did you miss me? , I'm fine just busy gonna be tooting again on Sunday ( I hope so university is killing me but I'm just one step to finish my second bachelor) but here you go.

What about starting the day with some funky/groove jazz ?

I really need a strong coffee today.


Good morning everyone.

A wonderful mix, its raining outside, and its almost midnight right now.

Been busy as you know tomorrow gonna be more busy ... gosh i thought Ill have time to toot more today but anyway gonna listen to music right now gonna share what im listening to.

Good morning everyone.

I'll have more time tomorrow so gonna toot more. :blobcoffee:

I'm alive ... Just been so busy.

But time for some relax myself.

Hope you're having a good day. :blobcoffee:

Before I go to bed. Let's listen to another Lo-Fi song.

Good night everyone
:blobcatcozy: :ablobcatcoffee:

Let me share something from my country

I'm tooting (does that verb exists ?) A lot this night.

So I type techno jazz on YT and look what I found ... Idk how to describe it but I like it a lot.

Kinda ambient/electro/soul/jazz.... Lol 😂 :blobblush: :blobross:

Lo-Fi boosted

Fall sleep yesterday, but it's new day, so good morning everyone. Let's start the Day with some Lo-Fi

Isn´t kinda music related but approved my channel, Lo-Fi and music tutorials (Only using FOSS) are coming Im so happy. So lets celebrate with this song. :blobcoffee: :sticker_ablobcatbongopost: :blob_aww:

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