As I predicted in 2004, I still have no need to have wasted my time learning the periodic table and writing out chemical formulas...checkmate Mrs. Greco, you asshole

Driving through a few of the Pittsburgh suburbs, it's horrifying how many Oz signs I see. How can anyone be that fucking stupid to vote for him...

Hey look, another staff meeting where 99% of the content is a complete waste of time and/or not relevant to me at all.

Somehow Apple has better looking widgets on Android than Google does, guess I shouldn't be surprised.

Reminder that Liz Cheney is still a republican and probably not a great person, regardless of whether she stood up to Trump or not.

How about just fuck all religion whether you're Christian, Islamic, Jewish or whatever. This kind of bullshit is what makes the world so fucked up. These nutjobs, regardless of what cult they belong to, are one one of the biggest threats to world peace.

9.5 hours later Prod updates are done! Way to spend a Saturday 🙄

The restaurant I'm eating (and drinking) at is showing Breakfast at Tiffany's on their movie screen, instant 5/5 for me. Audrey Hepburn is my favorite classic actress ever

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